In Sanandresito, the renowned winery area in Bogota, anything can be found from fashionable shoes or expensive perfumes, to cell phones, liquors, and movies. All you need, you will have! Wilson Tenorio is a witness of that, a spontaneous police officer who moves like a fish in water here. Wilson looks for a promotion at the institution but is not willing to lift a finger to aim it.

Things will change when he is falsely involved in the murder of a girl from Sanandresito whose body appears in the official truck that he drives. With no more than his own indigenous malice, the agent Tenorio must find the real murderer before the police, under the orders of his own girlfriend, Sergeant Fanny captures him; and before Felix, a dangerous escort, blinded by the pain, finds him and erroneously takes revenge on him.

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Produced by Laberinto producciones and colorized by 2.35 Digital 

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