Next November 7th and 8th you can’t miss “Looking For…” a documentary directed by Andrea Said, produced by Sasha Quintero and postproduced by 2.35 Digital.


Wednesday, November 7th 5:00 pm
Auditorium Germán Arciniegas.

National Library
Thursday November 8th 4:00 pm
Auditorium Aurelio Arturo.

National Library

Direction: Andrea Said.
Coproduced with Tv Cultura
Andrea Said Camargo and Sasha Quintero Carbonell.
Edited by: 
Andrés Porras.
Isabel Torres.
Las Malas Amistades.
Supported by: 
Sietementes Producciones, Latitud producciones.
Post production: 
2.35 Digital.

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