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CÓMPRAME UN REVÓLVER by Julio Hernández Cordón had its world premiere in the fortnight of filmmakers of the 71st version of the Cannes Film Festival with a very positive reaction from the critics.

Colorized and finished in 2.35 Digital, this film takes us through a journey of intense situations with vulnerable characters involved in fear. A history of resistance, where the relationship of love and protection between a father and his daughter faces all the tests in the midst of an apocalyptic Mexico, controlled by drug trafficking; Only innocence and hope are the tools to survive. “I am terrified of what may happen to women, to my daughters. Violence is widespread and we live it everywhere, that’s why this story is about a father who tries to take care of his daughter and how she ends up taking care of him, “she said.

The Mexican-Colombian co-production has the participation of the Colombian production company Burning Blue and the Mexican producer Woo Films, which unite to take full advantage of a raw history and loving.

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