In addition to color correction and due to our alliance with talented artists and companies, we offer the full chain of post-production services from the administration for captured data on set, to digital intermediate including vfx, credits design and sound postproduction. We finalize according to each projects requirements and client necessities, providing assessment and guidance through each stage of the process, and ensuring no delays for the delivery.


Workflow design according to each project requirements and conditions. We provide storage and data administration solutions that ensure simplicity and facility for your data management and also a profitable time/cost execution in your budget.

Making a first step of color on set based on primary colors for evaluation and visualization of the captured footage, performing color correction of rushes based on one light, allowing the client to receive a better quality and definition material with a grounded photography proposal.

Data Management
Administration for captured data on set, facilitating hardware, software and storage during shooting and postproduction, including footage back up on hard drives and LTO6 storage system.


Color correction
Scratch 4K projection and monitoring for 5K, 4K, 2K, Ultra HD and Full HD. Workflow design for each project according to it’s requirements and necessities, working with native data for a maximum use of footage and color depth, and maintaining the information obtained in its capture for high quality and definition. Going beyond the technical aspects, we offer conceptual contribution and assessment for the look of the film working with the Director and DP.

Final conform, image integrating and VFX, noise reduction and sharpening features to reduce and remove visible noise, grain and compression in video footage. Mastering for broadcast television and projection in theaters.

Digital Lab
Generation of deliveries, master DCDM, DCP copies, DVD, BLURAY, masters and digital copies for web channels. Storage in LTO 6.0.

Our services offers innovating and advanced solutions for the restoration and preservation of content from Digital Image repair and correction to Image Reconstruction and remastering. We repair image defects and rescue data that was presumed damaged or lost.

Credits Design
Titling, animation and compositing of credits, graphic design for features including press kits, posters, brochures, postcards, invitations and promotional material as needed. We also provide packages for TV series and upfront design for television networks, corporate identity and branding on set, including design of video artwork for visual interfaces and screens.

Footage handling and correction, compositing, creation of simple and complex imagery from gun shots and explosions to the design of virtual sets and environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, or simply impossible to capture on film.

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