Genre Fiction / Thriller
Duration 82 minutes
Director Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza
Production Company
Format HD
Release 2016
Country Colombia
Color Correction Leonardo Otero
Intermediate Digital 2.35 Digital

Elías a doctor of about 39 years of age, very successful and with a wife and a son who give everything for him, begins to have nightmares that remind him where he comes from and where he does not want to return, a lugubrious and full town Of loneliness called Saudó, there is only one patriarch and many women who from the time of slavery fled to this place, after many vigils, songs and prayers seeking to be free by means of witchcraft they manage that no people come out of this town and the That he enters, he can never leave. In Saudó rites are performed whenever one of the children of the population turns 13, being possible the passage of the magic to new generations, power that some years ago Elijah rejected.

Francisco the son of Elías is about to turn 13 and begins to have nightmares similar to those of his father, reasons that lead to Elías to believe that his son, he and his family are in danger. His mother Herminia one of the witches of this town is the only one who can cure them. Elijah will force a return trip to the town that saw him be born in search of his mother, upon arriving he will realize that the danger is imminent and that he should never return.

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