Feature film
Director Víctor Gavíria
Producer Daniela Goggel
Production Companies Polo à Tierra & Viga Producciones
Format Arri Alexa
Color Correction Leonardo Otero
Intermediate Digital 2.35 Digital

After being discovered disguising herself as a virgin, Amparo flees for fear of her father from the boarding school of nuns where they welcomed her. He arrives in a marginal neighborhood in Medellín to live close to his sister. His brother-in-law presents her to the family of the cousin Libardo “The Animal” and he is obsessed with her. The animal kidnaps her in a marriage rite and then forces her to live under her roof. His family witnesses his captivity. The community frightened by Libardo, does not intercede in favor of Amparo who is left to the permanent vigilance. Forced to become the woman of the Animal, Amparo gives birth to a girl. Can he, through love and temperance, stop the repetition of the cycle of which his mother was also victim, to survive and save his daughter?

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