Feature film Fiction
Director Jaime Escallón
Producer Ximena Sotomayor
Producer Lulo Films
Release 2017
Country Colombia
Color Correction Leonardo Otero
Intermediate Digital 2.35 Digital

When DEA agent James Terry Watson is assassinated, Police Colonel Juan Carlos Delgado is called in to take on an unauthorized mission. Although the case belongs to the UIC, in the face of the imminent diplomatic crisis, the police undertake a confidential mission. The Colonel calls his best agents who are infiltrated in other cases. Time is against you. He has 48 hours to solve a case that is already in all the media and have alerted the criminal gang of his search. In addition, the UIC goes to great lengths to stop the investigation of the Colonel and his team. However, its director, Angela Rojas, realizes that there is no way to resolve the case without the Colonel’s help. Thanks to his audacity, the team will be able to capture the 7 members of the band specialized in millionaire rides and deliver them for his extradition in record time.

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