Documentary film
Directed and Produced by Patricia Ayala
Direction of Photography Ricardo Restrepo
Release 2012
Format X3
Color Correction José Espinosa
Digital Intermediate 2.35 Digital

Camilo Arroyo Arboleda has been a teacher of school, boatman, taxidermist, collector and seller of butterflies, dog psychologist, gold digger, driver, sea navigator, grinder, blacksmith, pharmacist. Even for a time, it became the white coconut of black children. Don Ca will be the portrait of a character who is not easy to label: he is not an exploiter settler, he is not a good Samaritan or an unsuitable hippie. He is a man who left the lines drawn and the roads sold as correct. His is a story that allows us to tackle the thorny issue of freedom. The freedom to make a path different from that proposed by modern societies; The freedom that continues to be denied to Afro-Colombian communities, not through whipping but through violence and poverty; The illusory freedom of a continent that is still locked in its process of true independence. Winner Film Development Fund (FDC) Category: Feature film production.

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